Female Body Creating the Perfect Sex Doll

Select the desired intensity of your sensual experience.

My3dgirlfriends presents three tiers of gameplay: Soft, Hard and Extreme. What type of intimate encounter are you after? Perhaps you prefer a lighthearted and flirtatious experience, such as observing your realistic pleasure partner disrobe and engage in self-pleasure within the game. Alternatively, you may prefer witnessing her perform passionate oral acts and having her digital desires fulfilled intensely.

Create your virtual partner,
Choose a provocative name

The initial stage in creating the ideal pleasure partner involves assigning her a name. Select any name that appeals to you, ideally one that resonates with her character and demeanor. It could be a conventional, straightforward name or something entirely imaginative and unique.


Now is the time to fine-tune your My3dGirlfriends interactive experience for maximum enjoyment. With customizable settings, you have control over aspects such as action speed, camera movement, and rotation.

Customizable Breast Size - Make them perfect!

One of the most significant and alluring aspects of your 3D virtual companion is the ability to customize their appearance to suit your preferences. It's natural for everyone to have varying tastes when it comes to physical attributes. Whether you prefer larger or more modest proportions, the choice is yours.

Give her a Personality -
Define her.

Now it's time to set the skills of your virtual partner and bring your fantasies to life. Take your time and experiment with the parameters until they are tailored perfectly to your desires.