Game Settings Set the porn game

Control the

At My3dGirlfriends, we understand that having the perfect view is essential for an immersive and engaging experience. That's why we've made camera panning both intuitive and enjoyable. As the director of your personalized scene, you can move the camera horizontally or vertically, capturing sweeping views of the action from any angle you desire.

Camera Zooming -
As far or close as you want it

At My3dGirlfriends, we understand that attention to detail is essential for a truly immersive experience. That's why we've included a convenient zoom tool that allows you to zoom in and out of the action on screen, giving you complete control over the view.

Discover Your Ideal Girlfriend
Personalize Your Sexual Encounters

Embark on a journey to customize and enhance your virtual girlfriend experience, ensuring the utmost pleasure and delight. Our adjustable settings provide you with the ability to fine-tune various aspects, from the delicate tempo of your interactions (intensity) to the smooth and graceful camera angles and movement (pan). Would you enjoy guiding one of our exclusive, alluring sex partners? Unleash your desires and begin your adventure now!

Intensity of
your passion

At My3dGirlfriends, we give you the power to control the intensity of each scene, regulating the passion and desire displayed by your virtual partner on screen. With our unique intensity feature, you can personally tailor the level of passion and enthusiasm shown by your character during every sexual encounter, whether it's oral sex, penetration, or self-pleasure. As both the director and the viewer, you have complete control over the intensity of the action, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Choose your location - Dozens
of environments to choose from

With My3dGirlfriends, you can transport your 3D sexual fantasies to any location you desire by changing the screen background. We offer a variety of backgrounds and settings to choose from, allowing you to keep your virtual porn experience fresh and dynamic. Whether you want to set the scene in a luxurious hotel room, a sultry nightclub, or a scenic outdoor location, our customizable backgrounds will transport you to the perfect setting for your erotic adventure. Discover for yourself why My3dGirlfriends is the ultimate destination for interactive adult gaming.